At Zyliss we love the aromas, colours, sounds, tastes and textures of the kitchen. The chop chop chop. The sizzle and pop. We love the slicing and grating, the stirring and blending. The orange flash, the lick of blue flame. The hiss when the garlic hits the pan. It’s a feast for the senses and the kitchen is where the action is. We know the magic of food begins long before the meal reaches the table. So that’s why we create brilliant kitchen tools and equipment, designed to help you perfect the art of preparation and cooking. We apply sixty years of Swiss expertise to everything we make, so they’re a delight to use. Our kit helps you to love the time you spend in the kitchen. Zyliss products feel great and they look great too. They are a true pleasure to use. Whether you squelch the potatoes, wizzle the salad leaves or jiggle the dressing, preparing ingredients and cooking them comes with a language all of its own

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